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Blue Pack is a continuously evolving company focusing on corporate and hotel related equipment. Services of Blue Pack include: Stationary and cleaning equipment, blank media printers and office essentials, PC and peripherals, plastic binding.
Most recently, Bluepack signed an Exclusive Contract of Representation and Distribution with the Italian factory producing coffee, "TORREFAZIONE MONFORTE". The coffee Monforte distributed worldwide through a major international sales network. The varieties include the famous espresso, filter coffee, instant, with different flavors and aromas, pods and capsules for small coffee-machines, drinking chocolate. The coffee blends Monforte, based on premium quality coffee, available both professionals and retail markets.
Through this collaboration, Bluepack, organizes the penetration of trade, mainly in the hotels industry and will soon expand its activity in coffee shops and retail points, as the super and hyper markets.
Also, Bluepack has its exclusive management a Parking Area on the street Priamou in Agios Dimitrios, offering thirty seats, which hosts with highly competitive prices, cars, motorcycles, small boats, either intra-day parking, either on monthly hire position.



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